Thursday, June 16, 2011

in the spotlight

As some of you might have seen, Vancouver was torn apart by rioters last night after the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins. I am so saddened and astonished by the behaviour displayed after last night's game. Vancouver is such a beautiful city and it breaks my heart to see the after-math today. As a teacher it is rather dis-heartening to know that all of the hard work we put into teaching social responsibility is lost on quite a few. This behaviour will be a black eye on Vancouver for a long time. I am not as proud to be living here today as I was yesterday. 

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins on a terrific win, and to the Vancouver Canucks for making it to the Stanley Cup play-offs, a huge accomplishment! 

With a sad heart, 

xo, allie 


  1. I'm really sad too that the Canucks lost the game!

    I know what you mean. These riots were beyond stupid! :(
    What happend to the amazing 'Winter olympic' spirit?

    The last picture is really beatiful btw :)


  2. you look gorgeous! i love that jacket

  3. i don't know why i love tights so much!! i think they're so sexy.. you look amazing doll!


  4. was wondering why you got your skirt from?

  5. Great photos babe!! Loving the ones with ur reflection! so artistic!!

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    I formerly blogged on, I Live For It, where we were following each other before.

    Hope you'll come check it out and visit me! I'm of course following you from moonstruck now. ;)

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  6. awe, keep the pride girl, we've made an epic comeback. i feel the city love and solidarity over this horrendous display from those vandals. we usurped the fiasco total.

    and Allie, you look absolutely gorg. i love the pop of lime. ♥

  7. love those shoes xx

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