Thursday, April 7, 2011

five things

I just read an article on about five things you must try in 2011. Now, I must be honest here... I am often not one to hop on the "trend-wagon", but I could definitely get into all five of these suggestions. Check them out... 

#1) Lengthen your skirt
From maxi to mid-length, LouLou tells us to ditch our minis and go long! 


Skirts from

#2) Widen your jeans
This 70's look makes its comeback once again. I'm not going to complain, I am quite a fan of the wide-leg jean. I am told I should wear boot-cuts because of my 'pear' shape... but whatever! I feel a little bit like a high-school version of myself when I kick it in a pair of flares... I'm not yet sure how I feel about that.

jeans from

Celebs wearing wide leg jeans

#3) Add some colour
Add some colour for a little pop! I love bright colours so much so I am totally game for this one. I have really been contemplating a pair of pink jeans this season... I remember back in grade seven when I had my last pair... though that is likely not going to stop me from getting a pair now. You can add your pop any way you like it: on your handbag, your shoes, a scarf, shorts, jeans, or a head to toe dress...

POP OF COLOR  photo | Whitney Port
Whitney Port: From People Style Watch Online

#4) Pull up your socks
I always believed it was a fashion sin to wear socks with sandals... but now I am certainly questioning this belief. I guess it just depends whether your socks are worthy of showing and whether your shoes are cute enough. Still, the thought of someone putting their socked feet into thong sandals still gives me the creeps.. and I'm pretty sure it can't ever become fashionable.

Alexa Chung (photo: TFS)

 old JCrew photo from

#5) Play with sizesI guess this is what Levi's was trying to do when they created the "ex-girlfriend jean"...only in this case we're going the opposite direction: loose and large! LouLou says if you try to pair just one over-sized item with an otherwise fitted outfit, you'll be convinced... let me know! 
TNA Baja Cape in Blanket StripeWilfred Simone Breton Stripe T-ShirtWilfred Karina Dress
baja cape, simone breton striped t-shirt, karina dress all from Aritzia

photo: louloumagazine online

So there you have it. Let me know if you have tried or decide to try any of the five things.

xo, allie

ps) it's FRIDAY tomorrow =) (How did that happen so fast?!)


  1. Love these looks - did a similar posting on a skirt we have in the UK from Reiss -

    Hope you are well lovely!

  2. omg i am a trend whore lol kidding that sounds bad. but i LOVE and have tried most of the 5 things! i started wearing flares again early last winter but omg im happy theyre back "in style." thank goodness for thrift stores, there are racks and racks of flare jeans from ppl who threw them out seasons ago.. so you should try thrift stores first babe! trust me, you wont have any trouble finding a good pair :) have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Really love this post. Especially because I've been thinking to do all these things! I love that red skirt from Zara. It would look great with a heather grey top!
    x Elizabeth / In Between Seams

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment! And I'm following you now too! Great post, there's definitely a couple things off that list that I would like to add to my wardrobe!


  5. nice pics,, great post,,

    let's follow each other if u want,, let me know by comment in my post,,))

  6. Such great picks - loving all of these trends :)

  7. Thank you so much for your nice words on my are adorable. Definitely love what you have going on here...Can't wait to read more and more of your posts :) Have a wonderful weekend..Xoxo-Erin

  8. I absolutely adore all these trends!! I don't know if I could try ALL of them, because not everything will look good with my body type, but I definitely want to try them.

  9. I definitely want to try all of these trends, especially the wide leg jeans one! Great post! :)

  10. What a great post!
    I really want to try these!

  11. Just stumbled on your blog! FANTASTIC post. I never thought I'd go for the maxi skirt (I usually hoist it up as a strapless dress), but they're FUN. And socks + sandals are such a win. I'm glad it's a trend. Maybe people will stop giving me, "ugh you're such a dork" looks! Hahah.

    Check out mine?

  12. Hi Allie!

    gorgeous outfit. good inspiration :)

    i'm your new follower. let's follow each other if u want!
    happy a nice day :)

  13. Hi, thanks for the lovely comment. Will follow you back.

    I still don't know how to make those spiral ones, I made one and it's similar but not the same. Hope I will found out how to make it. Will post a tutorial this week for the other ones.

    Have a nice day and stay in touch.


  14. I agree with all five things, they are "must try"!
    Following! Thanks for your follow!

  15. love this post honey!!!we are following you :))))
    kisses from Greece

  16. My two things I'm trying the most are what I'm calling "tasteful crop tops" and COLOR!!

    Great post, I could get with most of these trends :)


  17. I have to say, I'm definitely not one to jump on the trend wagon, either, so I was really surprised to find that I have already done three of these five things! The two I haven't - wide leg jeans and oversized tops - are definitely not on my list; there are some things that, if you're petite, just don't work. Thanks for sharing this list- it's made me feel quite chic ;)

  18. I'm ALL about all of these trends...loving Midi's and definitely color! xo

  19. This is a total magazine article. Love your tips! Great post darling!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  20. i was so sorta humpfh about the longer skirt length thing but am acclimatizing to it now. these ones you've shown are gorgeous. love the socks & sandals trend, right now it's still too breezy so i usually pair them with stockings to keep my stems warmer. hoping soon the summer "trend" will hit up mr. sun ; )

    thanks a lot Allie, the comment you left me was pure happiness to read. ♥

  21. Love this post and I love me some Lou Lou!


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