Friday, March 25, 2011

in the club (monaco)

Today I'm wearing one of my favorite merino wool sweaters from Club Monaco... I have three that I regularly circulate through, because they are incredibly comfortable! As it was a little grey today I wore my grey striped sweater, but decided to wear shorts to remind myself that spring weather is just around the corner!! 

So I've been busy all week with wedding errands and I am quite happy with the progress we've made!

At my flower consultation today we learned how to make boutonnieres! We had been planning to have them made, but she insisted that if we could make the bridesmaid bouquets we could do this too, and she gave us our own personal lesson. It was really fun! So now we'll be making those too =) 

I can't believe spring break is already finished... yes I still have the weekend, but technically the five school days off are now over! My how time flies... (when you're super busy and having fun!!)

Here are a few pictures from our lesson today! If anyone would like details on how to do it, just let me know!

All of this prep is definitely making the wedding feel closer... I am getting so excited!! 
Hope you all have a happy and healthy weekend. 

Until next time,
xo, allie 


  1. really love this outfit. and the flowers look great!

  2. So cute :) Defenitely very springy, although gray and black...


  3. i just started my spring break! im glad you had fun during yours :) the flowers look sooo pretty!!!


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