Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Do you ever have people telling you that you look just like someone, or that they think they know you from somewhere? I must have a very familiar face because I get this ALL THE TIME. Some of the celebrities I often get include... Kirsten Dunst, Ellen Pompeo, Olivia Wilde, and Malin Akerman. I think the similarity is that we all have 'squinty' eyes. As you can see, in my photos today my eyes were extra squinty! 

It was actually sunny for a minute today so I took advantage and got some photos. However, the sun made it hard to open my eyes... oh well, you can't win them all! On a positive note, I am so happy that it is warming up and I can start wearing my spring jackets! The one I wore today is a favourite of mine from Zara.

Do you do a clothing swap when the seasons change? I find that I wear a lot of my clothes year-round since I've been living in Vancouver because a spring day can feel just like a fall or summer day... the only things I actually physically put away and take out are coats/jackets and shoes. I keep peaking in my "summer" shoe box and getting very excited the past few weeks.... 

xo, allie


  1. I don't have people tell me I look like anyone famous so that sucks.
    Great photos! I don't clothing swap. California weather is so iffy it can be a rainy day in the middle of summer haha.

  2. lovely pics :)


  3. I wore my spring trench yesterday :) the temp was above 10 so out came the jacket!

  4. I really love your outfit here! I could kind of see Kirsten Dunst... kind of. I get that I look like Emma Stone all the time, although I have also gotten Christina Hendricks from time to time. I think it's the red hair.

  5. ive had some people tell me that i look like tila tequila. i mean... ummmm... she's kind of. ahem. thanks? lol. i think you know what im trying to get at. anyway, youre a very beautiful gal and i can only imagine how many people tell you those things hehe.

  6. People always tell me I look familiar, too! Usually they can't put their finger on where from, and sometimes we have to get into that awkward, well, did we meet here conversation? I obviously have one of those faces, too! Good for you for taking advantage of the little bit of sun we've had here in Vancouver... I've been finding it really challenging to take good photos lately with all of the wet weather. Hopefully spring is on its way soon! Although you're absolutely right, I wear pretty the same clothes all year round here. Aside from last summer, it's usually always cool enough for a sweater :)


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