Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Big Apple

Nothing says fall quite like the satisfying crunch of an apple straight off a tree. However you like to eat your apples- red, green, yellow, crunchy, hard, crisp- you better clear some room on your countertop or in your fridge- because apple season is upon us!

Did you know that there are more than 7000 types of apples in the world?

China is the world's largest producer of apples- they grow 35% of the world's apples each year.

My favourite types of apples are gala, pink lady, and granny smith.

And now... the top ten things to do with apples!

1. Bake an apple pie.
2. Make apple butter.
3. Make homemade apple sauce.
4. Make an apple grilled cheese!
(Line inside of bread with mayo and dijon mustard, layer apples and cheddar cheese and grill like a grilled cheese-- YUM)
5. Create apple candles and design a great fall centerpiece.


6. Make a salad with apples- apple and beat salad perhaps?
7. Make apple soup!
9. Peanut butter and chocolate chip apple sandwhiches. Best. Snack. Ever.
10. Bake crock pot apples!


Have I made you hungry ;)
xo, allie


  1. Apples are delicious! I used to love going to my university apple festival because you could taste how unique they all are. Yum!!!

  2. omg yes...all that looks so yummy. my family and i used to go to "apple country" every year and pick apples then go home and make a homemade apple pie...mmmm so yummy!
    you've just made me that much more excited for Fall!

    Come Visit<3
    xo kait

  3. wow you look so pretty!
    kisses from prague and have a beautfiul day!http://sienastyle.blogspot.com/

  4. okay pretty lady... you've now got me itching, rather fiercely, for an apple orchard stroll! all those key words like, crunchy and crisp have my mouth watering right now. AND how absolutely darling are you in each of those fab shots, feast for the eyes and the tummy is what. nice one! ♥

  5. hey allie! i love this post, apples are my FAAAAVE and i love love love the smell of them! we just bought some apple pot pouri and now i wanna try making those apple candles! awesome! i love you and miss you friend :) <3

  6. Apple season is my favourite. My local grocery store sells huge bags of BC galas for $2.49 and I buy as many as I can to use for absolutely everything. I've never tried apple grilled cheese, but your little recipe in this post has my mouthwatering... Definitely trying one of those out soon! Love your fall look, too- the plaid jacket is just perfect, and I love your fun, carefree photos :)

  7. sweet pictures! the apples look delicious:)

  8. love the applies showing ehre!!

    xo Nav


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