Wednesday, March 2, 2011

life is beautiful

cake pic from thanks!

...and so is this cake! Doesn't it look absolutely gorgeous? It helps that the candles are my favourite colours (pink and blue) and that it is covered in sprinkles... another of my favourite things in life.

Now for a funny birthday story to go with my birthday cake... 

A boy in my grade one class today was very upset during calendar and sharing. When I finally asked him why, he proclaimed that he was sad because we had sung happy birthday to the girl whose birthday it was, but not to him. I looked at the birthday calendar... his birthday was listed under August.... today is March 2nd. Looking at his sad, tear-stained face I knew I had to make a decision... so I said "Ok class, let's sing happy birthday to ___" and we did. And then he had the HUGEST smile on his face for the rest of the day. I felt a tiny bit guilty but I couldn't resist making him so happy. If only all of life's decisions were that easy... and if only we just had to be sad in order to have our birthday whenever we wanted. ha! 

xo, allie

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  1. aww, that was really sweet of you singing to the little boy :) that cake is soo pretty!!


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