Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gray skies ahead

So we had some sunshine in Vancouver yesterday (and I got out for a nice, long walk on the beach!!) but now it's supposed to be going back to our usual: rain and cloudy, gray skies. This outfit is a simple workday outfit for me... when it is cold and ugly outside and I just want to stay warm and cozy inside!! I wear a long sleeve zara sweater under the outer sweater and a plain black pair of zara jeans. The belt dresses it up a bit and so do my black aldo flats. Oh, I've also added a pic of some flowers I bought myself... they were only $10 at whole foods! Hope you've all had a great day... it's Friday tomorrow =) 

xo, allie


  1. I love how simple but gorgeous this is!

    & your flowers are beautiful. :) x

  2. no grey day today:) luckily it was sunny today;)

  3. I love your belt!, and the flowers look gorgeous! Great photography here.

  4. Great photos, I love the vest/sweater :)


  5. cute outfit, cute photos! you are so lucky that you have had good weather...a walk on the beach sounds so nice :)

  6. So weird! I have almost the exact flowers in my apartment right now! Are they pink?

    x Elizabeth / In Between Seams

  7. I love that sweater - and the nontraditional angels of your photos :)
    Thanks for the sweet comment!

  8. gasp! is that sweater over your long sleeved one by razzle dazzle? i have the same one in grey and never thought to style it with a belt. the thing is so wide otherwise. great idea lades!

    Allie, thanks a bunch for your visit, i'm so thrilled when i discover a fellow Vancouverite and feel immediate connection. great blog, been having a swell look around and shall continue on... ♥


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