Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grown Up

So during the day I play "grown up". I wake up early, drive to work, and convince myself that I am an adult for 6 hours every day. You see when you are responsible for the well-being and education of 20 or 30 students every day, it helps if you dress the part. That's why I bought a cute new blazer from H&M yesterday. One of our profs told us that it is the perfect piece to wear if you are trying to stand out from the students you teach. So far he has been right. Lucky for all of us twenty-something teachers, the blazer is a trend that has not caught on for teenagers.

It is absolutely essential that I dress comfortably for work. I am always pushing, pulling, reaching, leaning, bending, and squishing at school and if my clothes don't fit just right it is enough to drive me crazy! So I usually try to wear easy-to-pull-together, comfortable outfits to school. I like to wear simple things and dress them up with boots, jackets, blazers, scarves, and jewelery. Today I am wearing a t-shirt from urban outfitters, jeans, aldo flats, my h&m blazer, and gorgeous earrings that perfectly match my top and shoes (gifted from a friend).

What do you like to wear to work? Do you have a job where you have to be "grown up"? I often wonder if I'll become one of those crazy-sweater teachers who has a sweater for every occassion... Halloween sweater, Christmas sweater, Valentine's, St Patrick's, even Groundhog day! I seem to think that given my fashion sense now it would be impossible, but the astounding number of teachers who fall into this category makes me wonder if it is an un-escapable fate? Scary thought....

xo, allie


  1. That blazer is fabulous!! And I must say you have really pretty eyes. :)

  2. I agree - blazers definitely add a sense of professionalism. I wear them with everything... especially times when I'm too lazy to put together an outfit, I'll just out on a blazer with jeans!
    Great buy.

  3. Thank you soooo much for such a supportive and lovely comment on my new line! It means so much! I am loving your blog... gorgeous blazer! I bought a dusty pink one from there yesterday... wearing it as I type! Blazers are an all time must in every girls wardrobe! I have ... too many actually, but there are a must!!!! ;)
    Love Zoey @

  4. nice blazer...look very nice on you, i've been trying to find the perfect blazer for a while...i'm short so it's prettty hard to find a form fitting one. btw i'm also planning on being a teacher, i'm in college now for it now :)

  5. God! stop growing up already!!!! you are a beautiful sophisticated amazing teacher and i am so proud of you and who u have become allie! BUT we will always be young and immature at!


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